• Making Detoxifying Green Smoothies for Perfect Health



    Life is full of toxic substances all around. From contaminated water to food to noxious chemicals in hygiene and cleaning items, toxins abound. It is but not necessary to make use of liquid fasts or cleansing products in order to restore personal health. Whole, fresh, ripe vegetables and fruits along with stress free and relaxed lifestyle can facilitate entire process of detoxification and cleansing. One such way of detoxification in which large volume of whole fruits is used is drinking Green Smoothies. Made with rich quality, natural nutritional substances, these drinks can make you get rid of toxic substances from within the body with ease.

    Green smoothies are made with organic fruits and vegetables. The fruits used in making it are rich in water and loaded with vital nutrients especially vitamin C that is main natural source to detoxification. In addition to this, the organic vegetables are rich in chlorophyll that is believed to purify blood and cleanse down entire body. Moreover, the green smoothies hold excellent fiber content and antioxidants that are again greatly helpful in detoxification. So, when the purifying power of fruits is combined with cleansing aid of green leafy vegetables then this results in making a rich smoothie that is perfect for detoxification.

    There are various fruits and vegetables that can be specially added in green smoothies prepared for detoxification. Citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, limes, grapefruit and green vegetables like spinach, cucumber can be particularly added to make detoxifying green smoothies. Even ginger is a great detoxifying element that can be added to smoothies made for body cleansing purposes. If garlic suits you then it can be added to smoothie drink. In order to prepare perfect smoothie drink, it is better to avoid adding powdered flavored food, fats, refined oil and other similar substances.  It would be ok to add a good quality protein powder, probiotics or vitamins to the smoothie though.

    So, prepare light and healthy green smoothies for detoxification that can be consumed on daily basis. 

    By: Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

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  • Health Benefits of Green Smoothies to Individuals of all Age Group


    Green smoothies are excellent addition to healthy lifestyle. These are drinks made with vegetables and fruits. These food items are employed in their raw form and possess high nutritional content. Exceedingly high nutritious food items are blended together in order to form rich and healthy drinks. It is free from all sorts of artificial flavors, chemicals or sweeteners and provides lots of benefits to people who consume it on regular basis. There are countless health benefits offered by green smoothies that are as under:

    • One main advantage offered by these smoothies is providing increased amount of energy to individuals. Consuming these drinks just when one wakes up or during or after workout can help people in retaining high level of energy.
    • The green smoothies are also excellent for weight loss. These drinks can be consumed by individuals in place of different meals so as to reduce excessive weight from body without losing vital nutrients.
    • They are even exceedingly beneficial for reducing down varied chronic or illness conditions within people. For this reason, green smoothies are considered ideal drinks for people who are suffering from various kinds of health disorders.
    • Another great benefit of these smoothies is that they are helpful in quick healing of injuries. There are various kinds of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals offered by green smoothies that help in quick healing of injuries that may occur unexpectedly.
    • What makes these drinks suitable for teenagers is that it is excellent in combating acne problems. It supplies essential body nutrients to people such as vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, sulfur and more. All such nutrients are great to fight acne problems.
    • Finally, these smoothies are greatly helpful in detoxification. Regular intake of these drinks helps in cleansing of body from within.

    So, due to countless benefits offered by green smoothies they are considered great health drinks to be consumed by individuals and kids of all ages.

    By: Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

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  • Green Smoothies – Natural Therapy to Weight Loss


    Are you ready to throw that disgusting excessive weight from your body? As the best natural and nutritional way to it is now here – Green Smoothies! You must have heard about this naturally made drink but do you know that it can actually make you lose weight without diminishing vital nutrients from your body. Well this is actually true! Consuming green smoothies on daily basis can provide people the real freedom from excessive weight that makes them look ugly and imperfectly toned body.

    Green smoothies are made with all natural ingredients such as green leafy vegetables, salads and fruits. These natural ingredients are high in nutritional content while extremely low in calorie. So, people who want to get slim body shape can consume these smoothies on regular basis. Even their meals like breakfast and dinner can be conveniently replaced with green smoothies in order to stay fit. Regular consumption of these drinks either twice or thrice a day in place of meals can not only make you lose weight but will also provide you with all vital nutrients that are required for healthy body.  If you are going to do this, please make sure you take at least 1 protein shake per day to make sure you don’t lose muscle.  In addition, a green smoothie detox can be done for up to 21 days under the supervision of your naturopathic doctor.  Make sure he or she gives you guidance on how to break your green smoothie fast.

    There are various weight loss green smoothies’ recipes available on internet. These recipes are inclusive of vegetables and fruits that aid in weight loss. Such ingredients also help in burning excessive fat from body as well as provide essential nutrients that are otherwise lost due to regular dieting or hectic weight loss regimen. One vital tip that you could consider while preparing weight loss green smoothies recipes is to keep it simple. Individuals who want to make such drinks must make use of either distilled water or tea water in order to make sure that no calorie is added to it. Moreover, only fresh fruits and vegetables must be used to prepare them. Coconuts, avocados, nuts and other artificial sweeteners or dairy products must not be added.  You should be focusing more on the greens and only use very little fruits or starchy vegetables such as green apples, beets or carrots.

    So, make such green smoothies weight loss recipes and stay fit always!

    By: Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

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  • Green Smoothies – Ideal to Clear Acne



    Most acne treatments allow cleansing from surface level but truly clean skin appears when the skin is treated from deep inside. Like other body parts, even skin requires essential nutrients and nourishment in order to get deeply cleansed and healed. One very good natural way of treating acne is Green Smoothies. These are exceedingly beneficial for treating acne as they concentrate important nutrients in simple, digested form. This is great item for those who don’t prefer consuming leafy vegetables, salads or ripe fruits. When such ingredients are blended to form smoothies then they become more bio-available and easily supply vital nutrients to body.

    There are even some excellent nutrients present in green smoothies that can help in clearing acne to fullest.

    Chlorophyll – This is an excellent blood purifier that supports in eliminating toxins. It also helps in improving the metabolism rate of cells which enhances healing.

    Vitamin A – This is again a potent nutrient that helps in rebuilding connective tissue. Nutrients supplied by fresh vegetables and ingredients are more effective than synthetic vitamin suppliers.

    Vitamin K – This is excellent vitamin for improving the tone of skin and greatly helps in reducing marks and scars from skin that is usually left after acne.

    Sulfur – Sulfur helps in detoxification and maintains the level of PH in body. It also fights inflammation and infections that may further lead to acne problems.  A good source of sulfur is SAMe products.

    Minerals – Modern dietary regimens highly lack in this nutrient. Green smoothies are great way to secure such nutrients that aid in reducing any kind of deficiency that may occur or are already present in the body.

    Green smoothies are very easy to prepare. They can be prepared in bulk and consumed twice or thrice a day. So, in order to totally get rid of acne, switch to this tasty and beneficiary mode of treatment – Green Smoothies. 

    By: Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

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  • Guidelines to Consuming Green Smoothies for Staying Fit


    Green smoothies are excellent health benefiting drinks that can be consumed on daily basis so as to restore fit health structure. Although, people can have these drinks at any time of day but there are certain guidelines that can be followed in order to undertake maximum benefit from these drinks. Some of these guidelines are as follows that can help you have a number of benefits from drinking green smoothies.

    • Prepare green smoothies as the first thing to have in morning. More benefits can be gained through it if it is being consumed even before the breakfast. People can make bulk of smoothie at one time and drink a glass full in morning while have the remaining at other time of day.  The other times of the day when you can benefit the most from drinking a green smoothie is around 10am and around 3-4pm.  These are the times when we need to be the most alkaline.
    • Slowly sipping the green smoothie can help individuals to digest it thoroughly. This will even reduce the chances of spilling and will make individuals get rid of problem of indigestion.
    • It is better to make a simple smoothie. Don’t add too many ingredients in it as they will not only make it difficult to digest but will also reduce the benefitting effect. Avoid adding large volumes of seeds, oils, nuts, or other ingredients to green smoothies.
    • If individuals suffer from problem of gas or irritation in digestive system then it is better to drink smoothies made with detoxification agents. Such smoothies hold large amount of citrus fruits while less volume of other organic materials.
    • Another guideline to have more benefits from green smoothie is to consume it as it is and not as part of meal. Try drinking these smoothies at time breaks in afternoon or evening when hunger is at its peak. This will make people absorb more nutrients and will even help them to avoid putting on weight.
    • Finally, it is better not to add too many starchy substances such as beets, carrots, zucchini, cabbage or more.

    Following these simple guidelines can therefore make you have more advantages from green smoothies. 

    By: Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND

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